A unique Indian Art Appreciation course
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This is a program for you, if -

-you love Indian Artforms.

-if you wish to understand what Indian Artforms are all about

-you are a person who wants to explore what the world wants to offer.

-you are confused about why a concert runs 3 hours long.

-had a really good experience at a recent concert.

-have never been to an Indian classical concert before.

Content: What are we going to explore?

Day 1 - Introduction to Mudras (Hand gestures), movement nuances, the correlation between Indian Music and Dance, benefits and application of these nuances to everyday life.


Day 2 - Indian Ragas - moods and suggestions, variations in instruments and presentation, audience perception, the aim of Indian classical concerts.


Day 3 - Influence of Sculpture and Painting to various walks of life, comedy and other moods in dance and music.

After completing the program, you will be able to

- Appreciate the complex and beautiful systems that exist in fine arts

-Appreciate the heritage we are endowed with.

-Mindful steps to respect and cherish traditional arts.

-Appreciate metaphors in poetry and music and adapt to everyday life.

-Get answers to common questions about the Indian way of life.

-Understanding the ecosystem that helps the Arts thrive.

The program is -

- a 3-hour course delivered over 3 days (1 hour each)

- scheduled for the last weekend of every month (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

-delivered online via Zoom

-filled with Music and Dance interactions; an immersive concert with Indian classical artists.

- Suitable for age 15 and above.

-delivered in English [Certificate will be provided]

Very exciting! How do we sign up?

Next session : May 28th,29th,30th

Click here to download program pdf